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Royal Ambassadors

Boys Group Grades 1st - 9th Grade

This is where the young boys in our church learn about missions. This is an exciting time for these youngsters. We have lots of exciting events and learn about GOD!!!!!!! We also do all the advancements! You can earn patches and work on mission projects.

RA  Motto

Learning and doing in JESUS' name

RA Pledge

As a Royal Ambassador I will do my best

To become a well informed responsible follower of CHRIST

To have a CHRIST like concern for all people

To learn how to carry the message of CHRIST around the world

To work with others sharing CHRIST

To Keep myself clean and healthy in mind and body

Facts About Our Program

We are Mission Minded

We work with boys 1st - 9th

Boys in Grades 1st - 3rd are called Lads

Boys in grades 4th - 6th are called Crusaders

Boys in grades 7th - 9th are called Challengers

Working in seperate groups helps us better organize these boys!

RA Camp 2019

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