Youth Council Page

  Tony Dusenberry             


Welcome to our Youth Council Page! The Council President leads the  council and meets with the Youth Committee. The goal of this council is to plan and carry out activities for our youth group. The council selects youth from each grade level to represent their age group.

Youth Council Ministry Team

Tony Dusenberry

Josie Tribe Walling

Madeline Truitt

Josie Tribe Walling


Hey my peeps, it's Josie here. I hope you can come join us! I am totally tubular super radical adventuress for my GOD. See you around!

Chika-chika- CHOW!

Message from the Youth Council President


My name is Tony Dusenberry, I am the President of our CBC Youth Council! I am writing this letter about things that GOD has put on my heart for our awesome youth group! Check out the list below!

  • To grow and be true with our relationship with GOD!

  • To grow our relationships with each other!

  • To expand our youth group!

  • To share the Word of GOD with others!

  • To walk in Biblical truths!


I challenge all youth to become closer to GOD each day, and become less of ourselves, and more of GOD each day!


Youth Council President

Tony Dusenberry

    Madeline Truitt

Awesome  Secretary

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